Why You’ll Love Mindcamp

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This year Mindcamp will host What’s Your Play DNA?, a special session by play guru Jacqueline Lloyd Smith in which she’ll introduce you to her Playsonality Playstyles Assessment to help you discover the kind of player you really are.

Why I Love Mindcamp

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In these days of seemingly endless polarization, connection — whether personal or professional — seems like a damn good thing to be promoting. Register now to secure your spot!

What to Tell Your Boss

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You dream of coming to Mindcamp, and you know your company will benefit from it, so you want to pitch it to your boss. Here are some ideas that might help you plan your conversation.

Win Wenger’s Most Famous Technique – but how to spell it?

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Most of you will remember Win Wenger, beloved Mindcamp mentor/presenter who died in 2021. Mindcamp Canada is sponsoring his updated website, the Win Wenger Archives. Even if you never met him, as someone who works in creativity, you probably know at least some of the techniques he pioneered AND taught at Mindcamp: Windtunnel, Freenoting, Over the Wall, Beachhead to name …


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This year’s theme is PlayGround: one of the most important attributes for creative work is the ability to play. But what is Play? What condition or “Ground” is needed to facilitate Play? What else occurs to you when you think of Play? Play helps us be more creative. It helps us learn faster, deeper, and with more emotional resonance. Play …