Mindcamp 2023 — New Dates, New Home!

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August 14-18 • Unifor Family Education Centre The votes are in. Mindcampers loved both candidate locations, but twice as many of you preferred the Unifor Family Education Centre. Here’s why: The buildings are clean and well designed. The site ticks all of our boxes. The other location, a family resort, is not (and will never be) available to us in …

Looking for a New Home

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2023

Geneva Park was great, but it’s been sold. Returning to Cedar Glen in 2022 was sweet, but it’s changed and is no longer suitable. We need to find a new venue for Mindcamp Canada. What exactly are we looking for? We have some ideas but we’d like to hear yours. Please help us by: Filling out this survey to let …

Mindcamp Appetizer!

Franca Leeson Mindcamp 2022

We put together some Mindcamp Memories, guaranteed to whet anybody’s appetite (even if you’ve never been). Hoping to whet yours (if you’re coming — apologies for creating FOMO if you’re not). Watch with sound ON. There’s still space to register, but do it soon!

Good News! Capacity Limit Increased

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2022

YMCA has increased our capacity limit to 100! This is great news, because registration was already FULL at the previous limit of 60. 100 is the limit: it will not go any higher. If you’re planning to come, now is the time to register to reserve your spot. As a reminder, regardless of capacity we will have still COVID safety …

2022 Registration is Open!

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2022

Registration for Mindcamp 2022 is now open… but act fast! Because of COVID we are limited (at the moment) to 60 people (as opposed to our usual 200). We hope this limit will be increased to 100, but even at that number we will sell out quickly. So if you want a spot… New (Old) Location Our location has changed …