Wanted: Web Fairy

Mindcamp Random

Do you love coding WordPress websites? Do you know how to access files via FTP and troubleshoot “under the hood”? Do you know how to make WordPress websites do metaphorical backflips? Do you know what metaphorical means? EDIT: PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A PAID JOB. THIS IS A VOLUNTEER POSITION FOR A MINDCAMPER. We need someone to take on …

Mystery Mindcamp Chapter 3

Mindcamp Mystery Mindcamp

If you’re anywhere near Toronto on October 19, join us from 2:30pm – 4:30 pm for chapter 3 of Mystery Mindcamp, a chance to experiment with an amazing, hidden skill you have and might not know. We’ll invite you to trust yourself and give it a try. All in a safe and nurturing environment. Mystery Mindcamp is a pop-up community …

Twigs in Her Hair

Mindcamp Random

Just thought y’all would like a heads-up on this: Mindcamp presenters Cynthia Reyes and Hamlin Grange got a surprise last week when the new book they collaborated on — Twigs in My Hair — became the Number 1 New Release in its (gardening) category on the US Amazon site on its first day. Congratulations, Cynthia and Hamlin! We hope to …

We Have Handouts!

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019

Our library of session handouts from Mindcamp 2019 is growing! Check the app to find the handouts for specific sessions, or just go to our handout page to see the full list. Keep checking back as, every few days, another presenter sends in their handout.

Mark Update!

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019

Starting with the most important news: Mark is feeling and looking better! He basically spent the whole day in bed resting, and looks and feels better for it. He’s on the mend. More news: we have paid the hospital bill! The total for the hospital was just under $7,000; additional costs (such as meds, a plane ticket change, accommodation during …