Win Wenger’s Most Famous Technique – but how to spell it?

Franca LeesonRandom

Most of you will remember Win Wenger, beloved Mindcamp mentor/presenter who died in 2021. Mindcamp Canada is sponsoring his updated website, the Win Wenger Archives. Even if you never met him, as someone who works in creativity, you probably know at least some of the techniques he pioneered AND taught at Mindcamp: Windtunnel, Freenoting, Over the Wall, Beachhead to name just a few.

But we haven’t yet named his most famous one… Win himself spelled it several different ways: “ImageStreaming”, “Imagestreaming”, “Image Streaming”, or “Image-Streaming”. The longsuffering webmaster needs to land on a consistent spelling!

If you have an opinion, please use this survey to help us decide!

Image painted by the Marvellous Mindcamper Russell Thomas