2023 Program

A Hybrid Format: Pre-Programming and Open Space

This year our format combines the depth and wisdom of fully-developed sessions with the open, dynamic, creative energy of the Open Space process. We will have our usual core programs (morning yoga, free writing, kaleidoscopes, campfires, and Camino). In addition to this, we will set the tone for each day with Trailhead Sessions: 3-5 concurrent evening sessions that will provide inspiration and direction for the next day.

Open Space

The sessions that follow will, to some extent, branch from and elaborate on the content delivered (or developed) in the Trailhead Sessions. These sessions will develop through the Open Space methodology: a rich and dynamic experience that is instantly responsive to what is happening in the minds and bodies of all Mindcampers in the moment. (If you haven’t already experienced Open Space, you may feel skeptical, but get ready for a beautiful surprise!)

The Open Space process is straightforward. We’ll give a brief orientation after dinner on the first day (Monday). Then each morning, we’ll hold an Open Space Marketplace, where people who have ideas for sessions will give a short description of what they’d like to do. That might be a presentation or a discussion or an experience.

We then post session descriptions on a wall and ask people to sign up for what interests them most. Based on the level of interest, we’ll assign meeting times (usually 90 minute slots) and spaces.

(If nothing strikes your fancy in a particular period, you can go for a swim, take a hike, explore the Labyrinth, or join a random conversation. It’s up to you.)

Scheduled Sessions
Subject to change. What isn't?
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