2024 Program

A Hybrid Format: Pre-Programming and Open Space

Each year Mindcamp offers dozens of sessions dedicated to helping participants discover, develop, and pursue their personal and professional creativity. Our format combines the depth and wisdom of fully-developed sessions with the open, dynamic, creative energy of the Open Space process.

Mind U

This year, we are bringing back Mind U, more than 5 hours of immersive training/experience in a series of 75-minute sessions that run the entire length of Mindcamp. These concurrent sessions are deep dives into a given area. There will be 5-6 Mind U programs in all. The idea is that you select one of them, and return to it in the first period each day for the whole of Mindcamp (you go to other stuff for the rest of each day). Total Mind U program time more than five and a half hours over the course of four days.

We have not yet selected the Mind U sessions, but we will post more information about them when we do.

Open Space

The sessions that follow will develop through the Open Space methodology: a rich and dynamic experience that is instantly responsive to what is happening in the minds and bodies of all Mindcampers in the moment. (If you haven’t already experienced Open Space, you may feel skeptical, but get ready for a beautiful surprise!)

The Open Space process is straightforward. We’ll give a brief orientation after dinner on the first day (Monday). Then each morning, after the Mind U sessions, we’ll gather for an Open Space Marketplace, where people who have ideas for sessions will give a short description of what they’d like to do. That might be a presentation or a discussion or an experience.

We then post session descriptions on a wall and ask people to sign up for what interests them most. Based on the level of interest, we’ll assign meeting times (usually 90 minute slots) and spaces.

(If nothing strikes your fancy in a particular period, you can go for a swim, take a hike, explore the Labyrinth, or join a random conversation. It’s up to you.)

Youth Program

Kids are welcome at Mindcamp! Our Youth Program prepares young people to think, act and reflect creatively, inspiring them to become leaders within their schools and communities. During programming hours, Mindcamp provides programs for children ages 5 and up. Click here for more details about the Youth Program.

Other Programs

  • Kaleidoscope Groups: an opportunity for participants to integrate each day’s Mindcamp experience through small, facilitated groups called Kaleidoscopes, each hosted by an experienced facilitator who will ensure a safe, open environment. Learn more here.
  • Night Flights: Impromptu evening workshops held after the normally scheduled sessions. Learn more here.
  • Camino : An after-supper stroll in which Mindcampers were invited to encounter a series of creativity buskers and enjoy various surprise activities. Learn more here.
  • Campfire: Every evening at Mindcamp we have a musical MindCampfire, with singing and instrumental support from several talented and/or enthusiastic Mindcampers. Learn more here.