The 2023 format is not yet set but will likely be a hybrid of scheduled programs and Open Space sessions.

What is Open Space? Well, most conferences are programmed well in advance. With Open Space, however, aside from those few scheduled sessions, the content of Mindcamp will be yours to decide.

Here’s how it will work:

Day 1 We have our first Plenary to learn more about the Open Space process
Day 2 There will be an open “marketplace” where anyone can volunteer to offer a session on a topic of their choosing over the next few days. If enough people are interested in participating in that topic, we’ll assign a room and time and away we go.
Subsequent Days Fine-tune each day’s schedule as needed based on feedback from participants.

Apart from these changes, Mindcamp will be as weird and wonderful as ever, with mind-changing sessions, a youth program, a labyrinth, the camino, campfires, kaleidoscopes, night flights, and a bunch of surprises we hope you’ll flip for.

Click here for information about the Youth Program.