Play. Learn. Connect. Work.


    Mindcamp is a retreat where you can learn and practice creativity, innovation and leadership skills.

    It’s a multi-day retreat for personal, professional, and organizational creativity — a feast of concurrent sessions presented by the best creativity leaders in North America and world-wide.

    This year's theme is PlayGround: one of the most important attributes for creative work is the ability to play. What is Play? What condition or "Ground" is needed to facilitate Play? What else occurs to you when you think of Play?

    Opportunities at Mindcamp include:

    • Discover non-cognitive approaches to understand and create new meaning
    • Access the arts and nature to see beyond the superficial
    • Use simple structures (conceptual and otherwise) to illuminate contrasts and congruities
    • Practice embodiment to more fully experience conditions and potentials
    • Explore the unexpected connections that are around us all the time, but which we too often, and too easily, miss.
    As of 2023 Mindcamp has a beautiful new home!

    Click here to find out more about our site in Port Elgin, ON.

    5-9 August 2024

    Unifor Family Education Centre,
    Port Elgin ON


    “Awesome site — great bar, great food, loved the outdoor spaces, awesome learning, teaching and gathering rooms... I LOVED the beach. I also loved the winding drive to Port Elgin. It really made me feel a clear separation from my day-to-day life.”Feedback from Mindcamp 2023
    “As a first timer, I was really welcomed. I didn't know what to expect and I left with a more open mind and heart. The days were full of learning and new experiences and the wonder of talking to ‘strangers/acquaintances’ about meaningful subjects and receiving new insights.”Feedback from Mindcamp 2022