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    Mindcamp is a retreat where you can learn and practice creativity, innovation and leadership skills.

    It’s a multi-day retreat for personal, professional, and organizational creativity — a feast of concurrent sessions presented by the best creativity leaders in North America and world-wide.

    This year's theme is Ordinary Magic: those small things, often overlooked or unnoticed, that we can all do to multiply our creative potential and that of the people around us.

    Some examples:

    • Discover non-cognitive approaches to understand and create new meaning
    • Access the arts and nature to see beyond the superficial
    • Use simple structures (conceptual and otherwise) to illuminate contrasts and congruities
    • Practice embodiment to more fully experience conditions and potentials
    • Explore the unexpected connections that are around us all the time, but which we too often, and too easily, miss.
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    5-9 August 2024

    Unifor Family Education Centre,
    Port Elgin ON

    “I loved the freedom to choose what I needed too and the freedom to rest when needed. It was a mind blowing experience.”Feedback from Mindcamp 2022
    “As a first timer, I was really welcomed. I didn't know what to expect and I left with a more open mind and heart. The days were full of learning and new experiences and the wonder of talking to ‘strangers/acquaintances’ about meaningful subjects and receiving new insights.”Feedback from Mindcamp 2022
    “I went to beautiful sessions that were insightful and deep and I had great conversations that I am hoping to get to continue in the coming months.”Feedback from Mindcamp 2022
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