Financial Help

This is our last Mindcamp, and we don’t want you to miss it because of money. If it is out of your reach financially, we are willing to work with you either through instalments, or through a bursary, or a combination of both. If you’d really like to come, please reach out and let’s talk.

At Mindcamp we want more: more kinds of people, that is. We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds, professions, and from all walks of life, including people with little or no disposable income, people who experience barriers due to systemic racism or discrimination, and people who may want to come from far away at great expense. We offer:

  • Lowest possible prices
  • Special rate for Young Adults age 18-24
  • Monthly instalment plan
  • Generous cancellation terms
  • A Possibility Fund that gives everyone a chance to reduce their fee if needed


Mindcamp is run by volunteers and priced at cost, which is why our registration fee is lower than other retreats.

Young Adult rate: the price rise when a 17-year-old “kid” becomes an 18-year-old “adult” is steep! So this year we’re giving young people age 18-24 years get an automatic $380 discount.

The Possibility Fund

Everyone can help make Mindcamp more accessible by donating to the Possibility Fund. Please consider offering something — even a small amount will make Mindcamp more accessible.

If you can’t come to Mindcamp this year, the Possibility Fund is a great way to send a little of your spirit by helping another Mindcamper come! Any amount is welcome.

Click here to donate

If our fees are not affordable for you, consider requesting a draw on the Possibility Fund. If you meet two or more of these criteria, we will work with you to help you come to Mindcamp at a rate you can afford:

  • have little or no disposable income
  • are unemployed or underemployed
  • have difficulty meeting monthly expenses
  • come from far away at great expense
  • experience barriers due to systemic racism or discrimination

Please reach out to contact-at-mindcamp-dot-org and let’s make it happen.