Mark Update!

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019

Starting with the most important news: Mark is feeling and looking better! He basically spent the whole day in bed resting, and looks and feels better for it. He’s on the mend. More news: we have paid the hospital bill! The total for the hospital was just under $7,000; additional costs (such as meds, a plane ticket change, accommodation during …

Mark’s Rolling Stone

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019

Mark Dodsworth came all the way from Spain to Mindcamp Canada, only to be felled by a kidney stone on Day 2 of the conference! He needed emergency surgery on Day 3 but is back here on Day 4 and mending beautifully. We can’t say the same for his credit card. He has no health insurance in Canada, and although …

Attention Musical Mindcampers

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019

Every evening at Mindcamp we have a musical MindCampfire, with singing and instrumental support from several talented and/or enthusiastic Mindcampers. EVERYONE can join in, thanks to the Mindcamp lyric/chord collection, now updated with 11 new songs! We have three versions: 1) a version with chords suitable for printing out and practising with, 2) same as #1 but on a dark …

WeTube 2.0!

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019

As always, the awesome Jim Ridge has produced a video telling you a bit about what to expect from his WeTube 2.0 session on Saturday… and a whole lot more!

7 Ways to Optimize Your Mindcamp Experience

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019, Mindcampology

by Emily Nichols You’ve registered and paid, made your travel arrangements, and blocked off your calendar for 5 days. Coming to Mindcamp is no small commitment, but it will be over in a flash. Here are some ways to elevate your experience and optimize your precious time: 1. Be Fully Present Make the emails stop! Let your friends, family, clients …

We Made an Infomercial!

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019

A friend offered some free time in a professional video setup, so two of the Fairies made a 5 minute infomercial! You’ll hear about the app, about what to bring to Mindcamp, and you’ll see a demonstration of our cool new conference bag.