We Have Handouts!

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019

Our library of session handouts from Mindcamp 2019 is growing! Check the app to find the handouts for specific sessions, or just go to our handout page to see the full list. Keep checking back as, every few days, another presenter sends in their handout.

Mark Update!

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019

Starting with the most important news: Mark is feeling and looking better! He basically spent the whole day in bed resting, and looks and feels better for it. He’s on the mend. More news: we have paid the hospital bill! The total for the hospital was just under $7,000; additional costs (such as meds, a plane ticket change, accommodation during …

Mark’s Rolling Stone

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019

Mark Dodsworth came all the way from Spain to Mindcamp Canada, only to be felled by a kidney stone on Day 2 of the conference! He needed emergency surgery on Day 3 but is back here on Day 4 and mending beautifully. We can’t say the same for his credit card. He has no health insurance in Canada, and although …

Attention Musical Mindcampers

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019

Every evening at Mindcamp we have a musical MindCampfire, with singing and instrumental support from several talented and/or enthusiastic Mindcampers. EVERYONE can join in, thanks to the Mindcamp lyric/chord collection, now updated with 11 new songs! We have three versions: 1) a version with chords suitable for printing out and practising with, 2) same as #1 but on a dark …

WeTube 2.0!

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019

As always, the awesome Jim Ridge has produced a video telling you a bit about what to expect from his WeTube 2.0 session on Saturday… and a whole lot more!

7 Ways to Optimize Your Mindcamp Experience

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019, Mindcampology

by Emily Nichols You’ve registered and paid, made your travel arrangements, and blocked off your calendar for 5 days. Coming to Mindcamp is no small commitment, but it will be over in a flash. Here are some ways to elevate your experience and optimize your precious time: 1. Be Fully Present Make the emails stop! Let your friends, family, clients …