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This year’s theme is PlayGround: one of the most important attributes for creative work is the ability to play. But what is Play? What condition or “Ground” is needed to facilitate Play? What else occurs to you when you think of Play?

Play helps us be more creative.

It helps us learn faster, deeper, and with more emotional resonance.

Play helps us be better leaders and better followers.

It lubricates our relationships and can transform even the hardest tasks into fun.

Play enhances our capacity for joy, for love, for experimentation, for reflection, for getting lost in wonder, for finding ourselves again though insight.

You know, we’ve all said it: Let’s just play with it for a while and see what happens.

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  1. I turned work into play consciously beginning in 1976 as I began
    my career change from being an architect to becoming a


    Focusing on the development of skills, styles, tools of

    Productive Leading
    Effective Communicating
    Successful Teaming
    Throughly Valuable Creative Idea Generation and Successful Problem Solving

  2. Play, to me, is experiencing things that are engaging and fun and, as a bonus, ‘make my world bigger’.
    I love exploring the playground of my mind and beyond.
    I occurs to me that I would like to play with ‘unlearning’ – to excavate long-standing biases and boldly go into the unknown.

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