WeTube 2.0

MindcampMindcamp 2019

Jim Ridge is pumped to be presenting WeTube 2.0 at Mindcamp Canada 2019. Check out his short ‘n’ sassy announcement video right here!

Two More Jimvids

Tim HursonMindcamp 2016, Video

Hi there, Jim Ridge has come up with a couple of reflective Mindcamp videos that we’d like to share here. Enjoy! The first is “The Color of the Soul”, a mini-documentary about the artistic process of Russell Thomas, our unofficial painter-in-residence (because nothing is official at Mindcamp). At 10 minutes it’s longer than most YouTube videos but well worth your …

Altitude Mindset (Jim Ridge)

Tim HursonVideo

The latest video pre-Mindcamp mind-setting from Jim Ridge: three minutes of time spent, a summer (and more) of new perspective gained! This one’s a must if you’re coming to Mindcamp.