A Conversation about Questions

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The wonderful Zachary Towne-Smith brought this comic strip to our attention via the Mindcamp Facebook page…. and it is SO brilliant we want to be extra-sure that none of you miss it.

Ithaca on the Passeggiata

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Mindcamp 2013 was bittersweet with the very recent passing of our much-revered friend and spiritual ancestor, Dr. Sid Parnes. He is truly Mindcamp’s “grandfather,” a very big part of why Mindcamp exists at all.

“Ithaca” by Constantine Cavafis was one of Sid Parnes’ favourite poems. We feel the experience of the Passeggiata carried a little of this vibration. Please read, savour, enjoy! Perhaps some memories from YOUR Passeggiata experience will intertwine with the layers of meaning and emotion in the poem.

Freedom from Death

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Sid Parnes: ‘The objective of creative problem-solving programs is to help students develop attitudes and abilities that will help them meet positively and creatively any future challenge in our rapidly-changing world. The death of a loved one can be one of these challenges. If a person is taught throughout his life, or at least somewhere in his life, to look for ways to turn every set-back into an advantage, he might much better be able to “cope.”’

Remembering Sid Parnes

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We remember with joy, and bid farewell with sadness, our mentor, the great Dr. Sid Parnes. Sid was the catalyst that brought us all together. He was 91.

Mindcamp Labyrinth

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Here's a little present Zachary Towne-Smith created for Michael Jones and Joe Miguez (and the rest of us) at Mindcamp X.