How to Get Ready for Mindcamp

Tim Hurson

2.5 minutes of timely advice from wise Uncle Jim. Mindcampers, watch and learn! And if some of you may remember this classic from a few years ago… you’re sure to enjoy it again! (We sure did.) httpvh:// Jim Ridge presents Kamishibai: The Lost Art of Picture Telling at Mindcamp 2015.

So Many Choices!! What should I pick?

Tim HursonRandom

by Ian Rosenfeldt So you’re coming to Mindcamp? Amazing! Whether it’s your first visit, or you’re a seasoned veteran, it can be daunting for all of us when faced with the many workshop selections. “Whatever shall I choose?” “What is the right workshop for me?” “What if I choose wrong?” A number of years ago, I was given some pointers …

A Tip From Tony

Tim HursonMindcampology

Mindcamp presenter Tony Esteves, inspired by Jim Ridge’s most recent video, made a video of his own… One that gives his “bench” perspective on how to thrive at Mindcamp. Very useful advice, especially for first-timers — but even Mindcamp veterans will get a lot out of this! Thanks, Tony! httpvh:// Tony Esteves presented 30 Day Challenges: Pushing Yourself Towards Your …

Ground Hog Hill

Tim Hurson

Jim Ridge muses about the meaning of Mindcamp in this new video. Enjoy! httpvh:// Jim Ridge presents Kamishibai at Mindcamp 2015.

More Ithaca

Tim HursonRandom

Thanks, Francois Coetzee, for pointing us to a delightful graphic take on Sid Parnes’ favourite poem, Ithaca by Constantine Cavafis. It’s also a new (to us) translation. Click here to read it… enjoy!