Inside the Tent

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We thought you might like to know what’s going on inside the Mindcamp tent.

With eight weeks to go before we all arrive at Geneva Park, it’s definitely starting to look like a circus—if we can figure out how to reverse the letters.

There’s a lot happening:

  • Our program schedule is pretty nearly laid out—56 different programs spread over 160 hours of sessions, not including nite flites, campfires, swimming, kayaking, the Camino, Poster Sessions, Kaleidoscopes, or morning Yoga.
  • 50+ presenters from the US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Italy. Check out their pretty faces to the right —>.
  • 11 Bananas assembled and ready!
  • A spectacular youth program for about 25 kids.
  • Swag on order! Cool new T-shirts and bags plus a few surprises.
  • The Mindcamp App, which is creaking to life again and looks glitchless (we hope).
  • Chartered buses to get you up and back and cut your local travel costs in half. If you need a ride and haven’t reserved yet, now’s the time. Space is limited. Check the REGISTRATION tab above.

In short, it’s still a bit chaotic, a micro version of the big bang, a sort of quiet clink. But one we hope you’ll enjoy.

Stay tuned to this space for further updates. And if you’re interested in periodic alerts, sign up for our mailing list. We’re not selling anything (other than Mindcamp), we promise.

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  1. Hmmm, about the ’11 Bananas assembled and ready!’ – what were they like before? Disassembled Bananas? I think that sounds like an excellent title for some kind of quirky Night Flight or impromptu dance…

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