Your Reminder and a Half


Hey Blog Subscribers,

This is special reminder-and-a-half about how you can qualify to be better off by $500 (CAD).

The Reminder? We’re holding a draw for our first 100 registrants. To qualify, you just need to register with a 25% deposit.

The Half? That’s the value of the draw—50% off the cost of a standard shared accommodation (worth a bit over $500 CAD).

There are only about 30 spots left. So if you want to qualify before the Mindcamp Drawing Faeries dip their impartial fingers into the hat, we suggest you register soon.

Get your name in the hat!

Meanwhile, the Mindcamp Blogging Faeries are getting ready for our wonderful sister conference CREA, in Sestri Levante, Italia (the yummiest creativity conference we know of).

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  1. I´m planning to go to Mindcamp will you tell me how should I travel there, do I go to toronto first and then how do I move to Orillia?

    1. Hi Laura, so happy you will be coming! You can arrive at Toronto’s Pearson Airpirt and then to take a shuttle bus to Mindcamp (about 90 minutes). There will be others arriving as well, and we will do our best to help coordinate arrivals, which can result in some cost savings if people are willing to share rides.

      Also, if you wanted to arrive a few days early and experience Toronto, which has some lovely things to offer, buses are available from there. Again, it may also be possible to arrange ride sharing because many people will be traveling from Toronto.

      In any case, I recommend you register soon so you can qualify to be in the draw for a chance to reduce your costs.

    2. ¡Hola Laura! To add to Tim’s excellent response, you can find practical details (like how to book the shuttle) on the page Getting Here. Hope to see you in August!

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