WANTED: My Question

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by Matteo Catullo

Dear Mindcampers…

Question hunting!

I have lost my best question. I have spent the last 25 years of my life finding this question, and now I have lost it, and I don’t know how to find it again.

BIG REWARD to the people that can bring me back my beloved question.

The lost question is personal and professional, simple, young, poetic and surprising. Is also a question able to open new insights and new vision.

Please help me to find my lost question, I can’t live without it.

Matteo Catullo


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  1. Matteo

    Perhaps your question, instead of the usual human questions


    Yours might have been What Now?

  2. Yours is the best question of the day: “What is the question?”

    If we all knew what our best questions are, we could easily solve them. Thanks, Matteo!

      1. Oh! Lately, I’ve been playing with “what if…?” At once simple and profoundly ripe with possibility.

  3. I love this post!
    I love Matteo!

    The question I love to ask myself and encourage clients to ask is…. What do you want?

    Extraordinary how many people don’t ever consider that question.

    On my first retreat in Bali I had clients express their thoughts on this question through art each day for TEN days. Profound process, ever changing.

    At this moment my answer is, I want to see Matteo at MindCamp very soon!

    1. major ditto… I want to always remember to ask myself what I want… and I definitely want to see Matteo at Mindcamp… and you, Laila too! xxV

  4. Matteo! I found it!!
    It’s right where you left it last year,
    just between the Lab and the Lake.
    It’s waiting for you.

  5. Grammatically absent, aesthetically incomplete, yet perhaps:

    how more?
    what difference?
    why else?

    The art of the search continues…

  6. To quote the tale of the philosophy student who, when confronted with the essay exam question for his finals that went “Is this a question?” Simply wrote “If this is a question, then this is an answer!” And passed with top marks.

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