COVID Guidelines for Mindcamp 2022

These guidelines are based on information we have as of mid-June; if something changes (e.g. if a bad new variant starts spreading) we may have to update them.

The Overarching Principle: We ask all participants to use their best judgement to keep themselves and others safe.

Based on this principle, here are the guidelines.

What You Can Do At Mindcamp

We encourage and support masking, especially indoors, but it will not be mandatory. We’ll have disposable masks freely available to all.

We will have a number of rapid antigen tests available at Mindcamp for participants who feel they may have been exposed to COVID. (Because that number is limited, please bring your own test kit if you can — that would be a great help.)

Take advantage of the outdoors for socializing or offering sessions. There will be at least one rainproof gazebo, and there are numerous comfortable outdoor spots to enjoy a chat — not to mention the endless trails to explore.

If you feel symptoms after you’ve arrived at Mindcamp, the YMCA has a room where you can temporarily isolate. If your symptoms persist (or you test positive), you will need to make arrangements to go off-site to recover. We will help you with all of this.

What You Can Do Before Mindcamp

Please take extra care to avoid COVID between August 8 and 21 (the 2 weeks prior to Mindcamp). Be mindful of the investment you and others have made to come to this retreat! Here are some suggestions:

  • Ensure your vaccinations/boosters are fully up to date at least two weeks before coming.
  • Where possible, choose not to share indoor air with too many people.
  • If you do share indoor air during this period, mask securely.
  • In particular, if you’re flying during this period, mask securely during the flight and at the airport.
  • If you have to cancel after August 1 because of a positive COVID test you can either send someone else in your place OR apply your fees to next year.

Please note that these are suggestions, not rules. We are trusting you all to use your best judgement, and to be considerate of others.

Some Background Information

Here’s some of the things we considered in making these decisions:

Current government guidelines in Ontario do not require masking or vaccination, nor is it YMCA policy to require either of those. Note that 90% of Greater Toronto residents over 12 are fully vaccinated.

YMCA Cedar Glen has been open for some time now and there have been no outbreaks. During our site visit we noted that the shared indoor environments (dining room and program rooms) are well-ventilated. The dining room in particular is large enough for all Mindcampers to eat together without undue crowding.

About half of you responded to the survey we sent out, and here are some key results:

  • Virtually all respondents indicated they were fully vaccinated and, in most cases, boosted.
  • Most indicated a willingness to mask indoors; at the same time most were unwilling to require others to mask indoors.
  • About a third have already had COVID in 2022.