Submit a Session

COVID-19 UPDATE: As there is no Mindcamp Canada 2020, we’re not accepting presenter submissions.

As a potential presenter, you need to know what Mindcamp is, and what it is not. Mindcamp is:

  • a non-profit event. It’s not a paying gig. You pay to come to Mindcamp whether you present or not.
  • a time for everyone to learn, including you. It’s not a place to drop in, present, and leave; nor is it a place to sell yourself or your services.
  • an opportunity to take risks and try out new directions.
  • a gathering of colleagues. Most participants are already creativity professionals. If you’re looking for new clients, you probably won’t find any here.

Mindcamp Program Design
Tell me, I’ll forget.
Show me, I’ll remember (sort of).
Let me do it too, and I’ll learn, and maybe even help you learn something new too.

Session submission deadline is May 15. Earlier is better. We will make final decisions about programs by the end of May.

Here’s how to make your submission as attractive as possible to us:

  • Get it in early, even before the deadline of May 15
  • Be as descriptive as possible about the actual experience your participants will have
  • Be clear about how interactive your session is going to be, and in what ways
  • Be clear about the takeaways your participants will receive (Learning Objectives)
  • Present something that’s really new — novelty counts
  • Be flexible about time; you may be asked to tailor it to a different time slot
  • Proofread to make sure it’s well written and free of typos
  • Plan to arrive at Geneva Park by 2PM on the first day of Mindcamp

If you’re a past presenter, check the bio and picture we have for you on file.

Your Picture and Session Image

Make sure we have a good photo of you: send it to Whatever you send us will be made into black and white, and cropped/shrunk to 240px by 340px, so your face should be very prominent. So no action shots of you skateboarding down Mount Olympus, for example. The picture here, on the other hand, is a great example.

We do a pretty great job of finding and preparing images to represent your session, so no need to do anything at all here. But if you have an image for the session in mind, please share it.

Presenter Benefits

We offer a modest discount for each session. If there is more than one presenter, the discount is shared. You are also welcome, if you can afford it, to donate your discount to the Community Fund which helps us welcome dozens of participants who might otherwise not be able to come.