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The Well-Being Playground
Support your health and wellness through play

Maximum Participants: 20

4 x 75 minutes  •  8:30am daily

Dive into a unique workshop where play-based methodologies illuminate your journey towards holistic well-being. Engage with your personal vision and explore all the dimensions of wellness — physical, social, emotional, and intellectual.

These interactive sessions will not only expand your understanding of well-being but also equip you with practical strategies to enrich your life. Get ready to transform your approach to wellness in an environment that fosters playful exploration and profound discoveries while experimenting with Pro.Play, Playmobil.Pro tools, and other methodologies.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Uncover personal insights into your own definition of well-being
  • Learn to adopt new and enhance existing strategies for boosting energy and vitality
  • Discover your Play Personas and understand how they support overall wellness
Ginny Santos
Toronto, ON
Ginny Santos uses her expertise in Creative Problem Solving to facilitate productive collaborations and design online and in-person trainings. Ginny is also a member of the Faculty at Wilfrid Laurier University. She is especially passionate about providing the tools and skill-development necessary to support a culture of collaboration, creativity and innovation.

Ginny has a B.A. in Political Science and Peace & Conflict Studies, and a Master’s of Science in Creative Leadership and Innovation. She is certified in Creative Problem Solving (CPS), STORMZ, Productive Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Image Streaming and FourSight.

Ginny is originally from Spain, and has been based in Canada since 1995. She is a creativity enthusiast, a dancer, a mother, a soccer coach, an ongoing learner, an engaging trainer, effective facilitator and a creative planner.


Ginny is a returning presenter.

Dan Bigonesse
Ottawa, ON
Dan (he/him) is a bilingual Senior Consultant with PMB and a dynamic professional steeped in 30 years of facilitating, consulting, co-designing, and training clients ranging from not-for-profits to Fortune 500 companies.

Dan excels in bringing diverse voices to the table, fostering inclusivity, and leveraging co-creation and design methodologies. He has worked with PMB on provincial and national projects requiring French consultation and facilitation and has years of international experience in the United States, Netherlands, France, and Italy.

He is known for delivering high content sessions in a relaxed and entertaining style. Having worked with a range of industries, Dan can navigate the intersection of people and culture, business operations, and human-centered design.

Dan is a past trustee of the Creative Education Foundation and is on the faculty of the Creative Problem-Solving Institute and the Schulich Executive Education Centre. He is also a certified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Facet5 Personality Profile, the FourSight Thinking Profile, and NeuroColor, a unique, neuroscience approach to personality assessment.

Dan is a returning presenter.

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Mind U Sessions
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  • Creativity FUN-damentals Brush up your creative chops — and have fun doing it! (Leonardo Muñoz)
  • Liquid Thinking Do you really need a box to think outside it?
    (Edouard Le Maréchal, Sophie Harvey)
  • Share the Toys in Our Attic to advance in your personal and professional creative development (Clara Kluk, Sylvain Rouillard)
  • Time for Recess! Tricks, tools and improv games to set you apart and make you and your work more memorable (Rich DiGirolamo, Beth Slazak)
  • The Well-Being Playground Support your health and wellness through play (Ginny Santos, Dan Bigonesse)
  • TBD
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