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Fire and Song

Till bedtime  •  Nightly 9:00pm (9:30 on Monday)

Every evening at Mindcamp we have a musical MindCampfire, with singing and instrumental support from several talented and/or enthusiastic Mindcampers. EVERYONE can join in, thanks to the collection of lyrics and chords we’ve assembled over the years.

We have three versions: 1) a version with chords suitable for printing out and practising with, 2) same as #1 but on a dark background for loading and viewing on a tablet (great for not blowing out your night vision!) and 3) a dark-background version for singer/participants with lyrics only (see note about night vision).

So don’t delay! While you’ve got a decent internet connection (which means before you get to Mindcamp) Click below for these wonderful PDFs:

The Skinny: 3 things you will get from this session

  • Connected with people through music
  • A chance to stretch your vocal chords
  • Amazed by how you can't remember the lyrics to your favorite songs and yet you have all the ad jingles you've ever heard etched into your brain
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Mind U Sessions
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  • Creativity FUN-damentals Brush up your creative chops — and have fun doing it! (Leonardo Muñoz)
  • Liquid Thinking Do you really need a box to think outside it?
    (Edouard Le Maréchal, Sophie Harvey)
  • Share the Toys in Our Attic to advance in your personal and professional creative development (Clara Kluk, Sylvain Rouillard)
  • Time for Recess! Tricks, tools and improv games to set you apart and make you and your work more memorable (Rich DiGirolamo, Beth Slazak)
  • The Well-Being Playground Support your health and wellness through play (Ginny Santos, Dan Bigonesse)
  • TBD
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