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Liquid Thinking
Do you really need a box to think outside it?

4 x 75 minutes  •  8:30am daily

Is ideation the only way to be creative? Is solving problems the best way to solve problems?

What if the problems we face were the products of our brains? In this Mind U session, you'll play with your senses, play with your beliefs, juggle with your logic to unleash your creativity, on a different path from that of brainstorming and ideation. You'll reach a level of liquid thinking, a flow, without structure or framework. It's from this flow that your intention will emerge, a bit like the yolk of an egg forms a chick, with feathers, bones and a furious desire to run around.

If you’re game to discover a new way of thinking about creativity, come and experiment with liquid thinking by signing up for this juicy Mind U.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Experiment with a non-intuitive approach to forgetting so you can make room for new learning
  • Build your own learnings, not made of theory, but embodied in your gut and heart and senses
  • Join your peers to get deeper insights about yourself and life itself
Edouard Le Maréchal
Paris, France
Edouard trained in corporate strategy and management, rounded out his training with creativity and strategic foresight, and currently works with companies and teams on long-term issues.

With the help of teacher-researchers at UQAM (Montreal), Edouard has developed the Vortex, a creative approach to situation resolution through emergence.  The Vortex's ambition is to help those "in charge" to question what hasn't been discussed for a long time, in order to tackle the problems and challenges they face in a different way.

Edouard is active in the creative community, co-organizing CreaConference and frequently speaking at Mindcamp, Crea-France and Crea-Québec. He has written several research articles and a book.


Edouard is a returning presenter.

Sophie Harvey
Montreal, QC
Trained as an engineer (Polytechnique Montreal), Sophie Harvey has been coaching (PCC) for 15 years. Based in Montreal, Sophie brings her ability to align people with their felt sense and access their somatic intelligence. Sophie is a Biodanza facilitator, co-designer of the Vortex, a method of creativity by emergence. She regularly participates in creativity events (Mindcamp Canada, Mindcamp Chile, Crea-France, Crea Conference ).


Sophie is a returning presenter.

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  • Creativity FUN-damentals Brush up your creative chops — and have fun doing it! (Leonardo Muñoz)
  • Liquid Thinking Do you really need a box to think outside it?
    (Edouard Le Maréchal, Sophie Harvey)
  • Share the Toys in Our Attic to advance in your personal and professional creative development (Clara Kluk, Sylvain Rouillard)
  • Time for Recess! Tricks, tools and improv games to set you apart and make you and your work more memorable (Rich DiGirolamo, Beth Slazak)
  • The Well-Being Playground Support your health and wellness through play (Ginny Santos, Dan Bigonesse)
  • TBD
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