2018 Presenter

William Sturner

William Sturner lives in Clarence Center, NY and is presenting:

William Sturner, Ph.D., is an organizational consultant and psychotherapist (Gestalt and Jungian) who loves the geometry of flowers, dance and classical music, dunking bread in robust coffee, the insights of the mystics and C.G. Jung, the counsel of Angels, and creating an aura of playful learning in all his workshops.

He is former full Professor and VP, the author of 13 books, and the creator of workshops for both organizational change (Impact) and psycho-spiritual development (OHS) – each featuring highly experiential exercises and interactive learning.

In the past, William has presented:

  • Life-Symbols: Celebrating our gifts, contributions, and common core (2014)
  • Mystic in the Marketplace: For both newcomers and returnees (2013)
  • Mystic in the Marketplace (2012)
  • Full Circle: A Bio-Reflective-Dance on Life’s Meaning and Mission (2011)
  • It’s Me… It’s Now… It’s My Choice: The Glories of Eccentricity, Nowness and Assuming Responsibility (2010)
  • Reclaim Your Destiny and Character: What Kind of Life Are You Creating? (2009)
  • Innovation Theatre: Achieving Mastery In the Wild and Wonderful World of Innovative Change (2008)
  • Living in the NOW: Shedding False Identities and Embracing Your Creative Self (2008)
  • Innovation Theatre (2004)
  • Traveling with the Angels (2004)

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