2018 Presenter

Emily Nichols

Emily Nichols lives in Dundas, ON and is presenting:

Emily Nichols’ professional background might fool you. It’s true that she is a leader and an engineer in manufacturing. It’s true that she can use statistics to optimize the production rate of granola bars and the longevity of the paint on your car. And it’s also true that she summarized her master’s thesis in 5 Dr. Seuss rhymes. Her energetic presence brings “the silly” to complement the science.

Emily’s special talents are spotting opportunities, imagining alternative possibilities, and inspiring others to action. Be sure to tell her about your next big challenge – she has a knack for connecting ideas, possibilities and people to help you get there faster.

In the past, Emily has presented:

  • Telescope Periscope Futurescope (2017)


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