2018 Presenter

James McAnanama

James McAnanama lives in Burlington, ON and is presenting:

James is an embedded software designer at L-3 Wescam where he gets paid to play every day. He is amazed by how much has changed in the area of electronics and software – once only accessible to those who were afraid to talk to girls, electronics is now open to all who wish to dream, design, and create things that blink, beep, move, and entertain.

As a father, James likes to create blinky, beepy, bopping things for his kids to enjoy (his kids would rather play with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys…).

In the past, James has presented:

  • (IoT)* Understanding the Internet of Things (2016)
  • Dreamation: Maker, Dreamer, Lover, Geek. (2015)
  • Give Bees a Chance! Make a home for mason bees in your garden (2015)
  • Creative Cheddar: Elemental creativity for economic creation (2014)
  • Unleash Your Geek: Discover the world of electronics for artists (2013)


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