2018 Presenter

Jens Hoffmann

Jens Hoffmann lives in Hamburg, Germany and is presenting:

To the annoyance of his teachers, Jens has been a critical, independent and integrative thinker since being a kid. Due to a childhood spent in libraries, nature, and hospitals, he learned very early how to learn on his own, drag himself out of misery and to take the fate into his own hands.

Being a father and serial entrepreneur, Jens is finding a lot of opportunities to practice the art of constant failure, learning, and improving. He has a lot of fun experimenting with new concepts and approaches to business and life. His life is a quest to find powerful questions and surprising answers.

To support his Socratic style of inquiry he has studied and practices Dialogue, Scenario Management, Storytelling, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and Business Coaching. He works with global clients in Germany, Europe, the Middle East and India on diverse topics as Business Strategy, Identity, and Cyber Security.

This is Jens’s first year presenting at Mindcamp.


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