2018 Presenter

Alexandre Eisenchteter

Alexandre Eisenchteter lives in Presles, France and is presenting:

Alexandre designed and facilitated hundreds of collaborative workshops on every continent. He is recognised for it creative use of both digital tools like the Stormz application and low-tech tools such as prototyping to create collective intelligence sessions for hundreds of participants and/or for remote teams.

He frequently speaks in conferences and seminars all over Europe and North America and gives classes on “Facilitation in the Digital Age”.

Prior to creating Stormz, Alexandre spent close to 10 years at 3M as an engineer, a Six Sigma Black Belt and a new business developer. He left 3M to become the COO of af83, a web technology company. He founded Stormz in 2012 with François de Metz.

In the past, Alexandre has presented:

  • Connected Nature: Can biomimicry and digital tech find happiness together? (2016)
  • Stormz Online collaboration for ideation sessions (2015)


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