2018 Presenter

Allan Cole

Allan Cole lives in Boulder, CO and is presenting:

Allan Cole grew up in the southern part of the US, steeped in a culture of storytelling. He studied Economics in college and parleyed that degree into a career as an entrepreneur, business owner, and a residential and commercial manufacturer. Allan left all that to go to seminary to become an Episcopal priest.

In seminary, Allan developed a love of preaching and a respect for the deep wisdom of the tradition. He got to work with amazing preachers and storytellers and has gone on to preach several sermons a week, 52 weeks a year.

He has a passion for music, motorcycles, pop culture and justice that inform his preaching sensibility. Allan is a community activist and uses his pulpit to address matters of implicit bias, social justice, building beloved community, and bringing people out of the dark background of difference into a more loving world. He uses his childhood experiences in the South to fuel change though preaching and teaching.

This is Allan’s first year presenting at Mindcamp.

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