2018 Presenter

Massimo Agostinelli

Massimo Agostinelli lives in Montréal, QC and is presenting:

Massimo Agostinelli is a multi-talented artist, Montreal-based contemporary choreographer and international master teacher of Bouffon.

Agostinelli is resident artistic teacher/coach for Le Cirque du Soleil’s artists and their artists and corporative events since 2004. He is resident teacher/choreographer or artistic director at L’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal; Tanz Danse, Collège Montmorency; The School of Toronto Dance Theatre; L’ École de danse de Québec ; The School of Dance (Ottawa); The National Theatre School of Canada; Cirque Éloïse; the Vancouver and Montreal Fringe Festival; Montreal Clown Festival; Écho dance troupe; Bouffon de Bellefeuille.

Since 2016, Massimo Agostinelli facilitated/speaker at Creative Bangkok; TEDxLille, Creative Mornings, Montreal; Créa-France; Mindcamp Canada, Mindcamp Chile, Mosaic Lille, Wigwam Conseil, Nantes, France; Creative Melbourne and CREA in Sestri Levante, Italy.

In 2016, award winning short documentary Le Ridicule Ne Pas, directed by Nathanaëlle Vincent on his work with Bouffon with Cirque du Soleil and his bouffon troupe, Bouffon de Bellefeuille, is presently touring international film festivals.

In the past, Massimo has presented:

  • Bouffon for Everyone: Make a painless life-lasting transformation laughing all the way (2017)


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