YMCA Outdoor Challenge Courses

This year the YMCA will offer Mindcampers three great outdoor challenges: High Ropes, Low Ropes, and Climbing Wall. All three activities will be taught and supervised by YMCA staff.

Low Ropes
A low-to-the ground challenge course in which we’ll work together to succeed at a series of challenges. Trust, communication and teamwork are be the focus of this activity.

High Ropes
Similar to the low ropes, we build trust and communication at a “higher level”. Participants are safely supported with harnesses and guide ropes and coached by YMCA staff.

Climbing Wall
Use your body and mind to solve puzzles, using only certain hand and foot holds to make it to the top — or you can just scramble up for fun! As with the other two exercises, participants wear safety equipment and are coached and supervised by YMCA staff.