2019 Session Description

Mining Your Creative Capacity
A how-to guide for implementation and rapid results

For adults • 90 minutes
Category: Strategies
Thursday 10:45am • Centennial 8
Time and location subject to change (what isn't?)

Your organization is in a crisis. You are falling behind competitors or you are stagnating and need to grow for survival. What to do...? The good news is that you have all the capacity in your organization right now to make rapid step-changes. The key is to understand how to unlock this treasure.

In this session, participants will learn to apply a simple, proven, step-by-step methodology to not only make those changes but to unlock their organization’s internal capacity. To ‘mine’ the ability to implement improvement projects, from small, incremental changes to major large-scale improvement programs.

A successful methodology, key insights and a clear guide forward. What are you waiting for?

Get practical insights from more than a decade's worth of experience in creating sustainable growth – a true postcard from the edge. This session is ideal for those working in or with medium- to large-sized companies who wants to get rapid results... and keep them.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • A time-tested methodology to get rapid results
  • Key insights in how to adapt to a changing environment
  • A clear guide to get you started
Bert Rossouw
Mokopane Limpopo, South Africa
Bert is a monster implementer, someone who loves action and loves getting things done even more. Born and raised in South Africa, Bert studied Finance and applied his skills in the mining industry. He totally fell in love with the dynamic nature of mining and has 20+ years' experience in and around mining operations.

More than a decade ago, he realized that the real assets of the company are the people and the key to true success is helping others unlock their full creative potential. To help enable this transformation, Bert changed careers and began studying business improvement, teams and creativity. These efforts paid off as his newly formed teams delivered more than $5bn bottom-line profits.

He is addicted to learning, is at his best interacting with teams and firmly believes a plan without action is just a dream.

This is Bert's first year presenting at Mindcamp.
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