2019 Session Description

Afternoon Relaxation Practice
Lie down and breathe from the edges of your awareness

For adults • 30 minutes
Category: Body/Mind
4:30pm daily • Court 16
Time and location subject to change (what isn't?)

Integrate your learnings with an afternoon body-mind integration session.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Relax and Rest, integrate a few things you learned.
  • Listen to cool music to invite your body’s rhythm to come into coherence with the earth’s rhythm.
  • Drop into a more resourceful state while being with others
Allie Middleton
Albany, NY
An experienced somatic coach and creative trainer/facilitator with a local and global clientele, Allie loves offering embodiment practices, using Theory U process, Social Presencing Theatre and ancient yoga and energy medicine practices. Allie has been meditating and practicing yoga for over 45 years, grateful for growing up in a family immersed in the wisdom traditions.

Strongly committed to creativity and contemplative inquiry in her work as a conscious change-maker, Allie enjoyed a long career as an inside innovative leader in business and healthcare. She continues to mentor leaders in systems transformation projects. Allie migrated from NYC up the Hudson River Valley with 20 years of rural homesteading and lots of work travel, landing and finally finding love in Albany NY.

A licensed psychotherapist in NY and a professional level yoga teacher, Allie earned the International Yoga Therapists Association advanced certification in yoga therapy, is a master energy medicine practitioner certified by the Four Winds Society and trainer certification from the the NLP Center of New York.


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