2019 Session Description

Learning from Labyrinth
A one-way path to learn, un-learn, re-learn. Let the labyrinth guide you.

For adults • 90 minutes
Category: Immersion
Thursday 1:30pm • Outside Hub
Time and location subject to change (what isn't?)

It is widely known that a labyrinth is a place of meditation and contemplative journeys. Only one path leads to the center and back to the exit. This path takes all the space available and there are no other routes to discover. One path to the center, one to the exit, no crossroads, no alternatives, no magic shortcuts.

When we enter the labyrinth, we can see the center just a few steps away from us. When we start walking, we realise how long and torturous and winding the path is. And still we can only trustworthy follow the way, because, as life teaches us, when we have a project, an objective, we need time and patience to get there.

We need a lifetime to find ourselves.

The labyrinth through its four quadrants — Awareness, Letting Go, Vision & Transformation — can lead to countless surprising insights and is a powerful tool to facilitate creative transformation.

Our friend and colleague, Joe Miguez, spent the last decades of his life working with and sharing Labyrinth Xperiences around the world. He focused upon the architectural principles of “the lab” to design accessible labyrinth-based creativity tools. Working with those tools we will be, in awareness, enhancing spaces where ideas emerge, where there is self-discovery and where our attention may become action-producing intention. We will, to quote Joe, “slow down so that we can go faster”.

Happy journeys.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Make a journey through a simplified version of the labyrinth
  • Remember or rediscover something you already knew
  • Understand what the labyrinth and its four quadrants mean to you
Chiara Micalizzi
Abbiategrasso Milano, Italy
I’m a facilitator and consultant. I have worked for more than 15 years Customer Operations and Technology Departments within the telecommunications area. I started working in customer services and after that, I worked in team coordination and management positions. In these roles, I have always played a “trait d'union” position between different levels and departments and I have managed co-generation projects with profit, non-profit and institutional groups.

In 2016, I graduated from the three-year counseling course at the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation. In the same year, I discovered CREA Conference, its amazing community of facilitators and the IAF’s one. Since then, I merge my business background with my passion of creative thinking, to teach people to reach their business goals, by realizing we don’t have any real box around us (so we don’t need to think outside of the box but simply realize it!). Today I use my creativity to innovate team, leadership and coaching activities. I help companies and people to create a future (and a present!) flexible and adaptable and to generate changes useful for themselves and what surrounds them.


This is Chiara's first year presenting at Mindcamp.
Alessia Berti
Milan, Italy
Once upon a time a curious mind, graduated in History of Art and trained in HR Management, moved from Milan to London to find her life and career purpose. In London she worked in the fashion industry as an HR Manager, trained in Organisational Coaching at the CIPD and started hearing about a funny thing also known as Creativity.

In 2012 she felt it was time to go back home. Before even touching base in Milan she stopped in Sestri Levante to take part to her first CREA Conference as a Red of CREA. Here she had a triple epiphany: fell in love with Creativity and Facilitation, finally found her purpose and understood that work could be a synonym of real fun and true friendship.
The same year with the joint contribution of the Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce of Milan she started a business project, Yellow Sound, a metamorphic creative hub equipped with a recording studio in the center of Milan.

Today she stays curious and works with love as an HR consultant, coach and facilitator of Creative Problem Solving. She also nurtures her mind and body through a beautiful discipline called Hara Yoga.


This is Alessia's first year presenting at Mindcamp.
Marina Randich
Trieste, Italy
When I moved from Argentina to Italy at 23, I didn’t know I was going to stay for 20 years. I wanted to live by the sea, but being extremely curious about words, archetypes, and the learning process, I graduated in Translating Cultures, obtained a Master in Conference Interpreting, and became an e-learning expert, facilitating international webinars.

In 2007 I landed in CREA Conference and fell in love with the Creative Problem Solving process, the Labyrinth and Crea learning community. I found what I had been looking for, creativity beyond languages.

My work now is about empowering communication. As a facilitator and a trainer, I help people find their own voice in different languages. I also teach groups how to draw meaningful mandala art, balancing restlessness and contemplation while activating intuition. I frequently mentor young women at the American Italian Association, at the Women’s Finance Club project.

I keep exploring movement as a grammar of the body, from cycling, rowing, and aikido to yoga, and always dancing Tango.

This is Marina's first year presenting at Mindcamp.
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