2019 Session Description

Body Rhythms

For youth age 6-17 • 60-90 minutes

South African workers created an amazing dance and music style out of the harsh reality of working in gold mines. We don't have to work in gold mines (or even wear gumboots!) to celebrate their creativity. We will come together and create a joyful harmony of body percussion through singing, chanting, clapping and stomping. MAKE SOME NOISE!

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Experience the power of uniting as a group through body rhythms, an effective tool to break the ice and foster connection.
  • Discover how to communicate using rhythm and movement instead of words.
  • Learn how to use your body as an instrument making funky beats while you simultaneously dance!
Elisha MacMillan
Bowmanville, ON
Elisha MacMillan is a Sociologist, Certified Co-Active Coach, and Dance Educator. For over 10 years she has taught students in school boards & universities across Ontario how to express and relieve stress through drum and dance. Founder/Director of Rhythm is for Everyone, Elisha uses rhythm and movement as tools that foster cross-cultural, intergenerational connection, while celebrating diversity. She’s worked on Equity & Inclusive Education projects and recently completed her first film, “Lessons Learned: Bridging the Gap.”

Elisha studied dance in Toronto, West Africa, Ethiopia and Brazil and performed professionally for 6 years, touring nationally and internationally. Her ancestral lineage includes Scottish highlanders, Arawak (Taino) First Nations and West Africans brought to Jamaica.

In her work with adults (drumanddancemedicine.com), Elisha leads movement retreats locally and internationally, with a focus on self-discovery, healing, communing with nature, and dropping beneath mental chatter - into the deep wisdom of our bodies.

Oh, and she believes in unicorns.


This is Elisha's first year presenting at Mindcamp.
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