2019 Session Description

The Vortex of Innovation
Draft your project from the edge

For adults • Mind U session
Category: Strategies
Maximum Participants: 24
9:00am daily • Court 4
Time and location subject to change (what isn't?)

The most common mistake we make about innovation comes from our obsession about an iterative process. Try, fail, try again, succeed. The problem with this way of handling an innovative project is that, at some point, we begin to simplify the issues in order to solve them more easily. And by cutting out a big problem into smaller ones, we create new ones.

Considering standard innovation processes, the vortex of innovation offers a radically different way to make innovation happen: it lets the innovative ideas emerge at the end of the process, instead of letting them set the pace. Can you imagine?

This new paradigm is not dedicated to innovation. It can be applied to any kind of project prone to raising resistance from reality. So, no need to be an expert of product development or change management to use the vortex. And, believe us, there is no way back from the edge.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Experiment the vortex as a possible way to build an innovative project and define its stakes
  • Change your definition of innovation: from “a novel idea becoming a desirable standard” to “a valuable disturbance”.
  • Embed change of beliefs as a key to your future innovation projects.
Edouard Le Maréchal
Paris, France
Edouard Le Maréchal is an expert consultant in transformation and strategic foresight. He has been facilitating radical innovation and intrapreneurship for about 20 years for SME’s and global companies, as well as universities & public service.

What thrills him most, is to invent and design methods that help individuals deepen their understanding and change their beliefs. Hence, he has developed a set of tools based on complex thinking, which can be applied to define breakthrough business models, to facilitate systemic co-creation, to build long-term visioning.

Edouard launched the Butterfly Process© in 2016 as an alternative methodology for innovation, based on systems thinking, non-measurable value in business models, and chaos theory.

He wrote an essay about it, innovation at the Age of the Butterfly, and is still struggling to finalize the handbook presenting the method.

Keynote speaker, white paper writer, he is also deeply involved in associations for Creativity & innovation, such as Crea-France (which he presided), CREA (which he coorganizes). It is his 4th time at Mindcamp (which he worships).


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