2019 Session Description

Connecting through Conflict
It’s a small world after all

For adults • 90 minutes
Category: Facilitation
Friday 10:45am • Court 4
Time and location subject to change (what isn't?)

“I don't like that man. I must get to know him better.” - Abraham Lincoln

How might we better connect as humans through self-awareness, shared and distinct experiences, and healthy conflict?

In personal life, the workplace, and our multicultural society we are in need of more intentional and deep human connection. Where humans are involved, conflict is inevitable. Whether between “conflict avoiders” or “conflict seekers,” the end result is often the same: distrust, disregard, and disrespect. Being aware of our own reactions and the biases we bring to conflict can be a powerful equalizer. In this workshop you will go through a series of experiences to cultivate connections, shift perspectives, and enrich conflicts.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Leave with skills and tools to create immediate connections with people you don’t know
  • Build an understanding of the power of shared and distinct experiences to expand divergent learning, adaptability, and empathy
  • Learn new approaches to conflict to make it more healthy, productive, and kind
Kim Larkin
Phoenix, AZ
Kim Larkin is the Founder and President of the creative consultancy MXD Arts. MXD Arts is known for bringing highly effective best practice tools for strategy and team building to arts and culture organizations, nonprofits, and companies focused on social good. Her work focuses on utilizing creative, disruptive, and inventive approaches to create lasting impact. Kim has worked with Fortune 100 and 500 companies, owned and managed multiple businesses, built nonprofits from the ground up, and managed numerous national and international creative projects.

In her free time, you'll find her in the mountains, adventuring, or volunteering in the community. She serves as a trustee for Desert Botanical Garden and is Vice President of the board for the Association of Arizona Food Banks. She completed a 5-week adventure in Antarctica and Patagonia in 2019 and plans to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro with her mother in 2020.


This is Kim's first year presenting at Mindcamp.
Abby Wilkymacky
Phoenix, AZ
Abby is a designer, creative, maker, cat-lover, outdoor adventuress, and life-lover. She is the founder of Mindflower Studio, LLC, a creative consultancy with a social impact twist.

Abby is known for her innovative facilitation and research techniques that drive creative participation in surprising, fun ways. Using human-centered design research, design thinking, and creative problem solving, she helps clients develop new ways of empathizing, defining, thinking, and collaborating to solve the most challenging problems.

Abby holds a BS in Industrial Design and Spanish from The Ohio State University. She also teaches Industrial Design and Qualitative Research courses at Arizona State University.

Outside of her work you can find Abby romping around in the desert on a mountain bike, climbing rocks, or exploring the wilderness with her Osprey backpack and at least 7 liters of water.


This is Abby's first year presenting at Mindcamp.
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