2019 Session Description

The Future is All Made Up
Science Fiction postcards from the unimaginable future

For adults • Mind U session
Category: Immersion
Maximum Participants: 24
9:00am daily • Court 6
Time and location subject to change (what isn't?)

Everything that hasn’t happened yet is Science Fiction. Harness the ways Sci Fi bends reality in order to bend strategy and see the inflection points in the growth of your company, community, organization, or cause. Once you see the Utopia and the Dystopia, you can design the future world by reverse engineering it. We can weaponize, decolonize, radicalize, adapt, create, and spin when we know the future like we wrote it ourselves.

Travel the process of creation from possibilities to pathways in collaboration with other thinkers who want to see the future with you. The four-step process starts with future design, moves through the pleasures and dangers of what we have not yet seen, finding the points where we can have the most influence and be the most resilient, and then grow the community that can get you there. You will leave with a visionary pathway that has revolutionary potential.

Each day we will work together through games, processes, thinking, writing, and building our real community as it unfolds right there by the lake. Admit it, you have always wanted to be the heroine, the trusty side kick, the evil villain, or the magic scorceress in space. Find your superpowers, use them for good, and build a stronger better faster Mindcamp world for yourselves and those who come after you.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • A posse of superheroes and superheroines to have your back when you need to save the world
  • Strategic skills for community building
  • Handy dandy narrative analysis tools
Michelle Auerbach
Boulder, CO
Michelle is a geek. She brings literature, sociology, theology, emotional intelligence, communication, trauma theory, and creativity together with interpersonal neurobiology and mindfulness to unleash her clients' superpowers. Michelle is a former professor of Ancient World Literature who brings the 6,000-year perspective on the possibilities in our work and lives to be creative, engaged, strategic, and connected.

She was trained in the 1990s by the New York City Department of Health, Kaiser Permanente, and through Columbia University School of Public Health on facilitation, group process, and coaching. Michelle uses storytelling and empathy as a way to connect Design Thinking and the creative process to team building and leadership development.

Her clients include huge companies like Google, Johnson& Johnson, McDonalds, and Mars, Incorporated, smaller companies who think big, and non-profits all over the world. Her books can be found on Amazon and her journalism in the New York Times and London Guardian.


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