2019 Session Description

What's So Funny?

For adults • 90 minutes
Category: Facilitation, Pre-Mindcamp
Monday 6:00pm • Newnham Campus
Time and location subject to change (what isn't?)

In difficult times, people often say, "One day we'll look back at this and laugh!” Massimo and Javiera have a different response: "Why wait?”

Between them, they have years of experience helping people see what’s so funny in the mundane, the sober, and even the tragic. By embracing the lighter side of our experiences — and ourselves — we can often reveal hidden potentials for success in the toughest challenges — whether personal, financial, or organizational.

This hands-on, ego-off program is not for the timid. You’ll be prompted to do things you never dreamed you’d do in public. By modelling the power of exposing what’s so funny in you, you’ll take the first steps in helping others see — and leverage — what’s so funny in even the most serious situations.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Understand the power of humour in the workplace to inspire people and improve relationships
  • Learn how to use humour as a skill for leadership, productivity, and problem-solving
  • Learn how to adapt the kind of humour your choose in different situations
Massimo Agostinelli
Montréal, QC
Massimo Agostinelli, Montreal-based international master teacher of Bouffon, is a speaker/facilitator and choreographer. After 45 years in the industry he is still very active and in demand for his unique approach to his teaching and art.

Agostinelli is resident artistic trainer for Le Cirque du Soleil's artists and corporative events since 2004. He is resident teacher/choreographer for several reputable Canadian schools in dance and theater. Artistic director of his troupes Écho dance troupe and Bouffon de Bellefeueille.

Since 2016, Massimo Agostinelli facilitated/speaker at Creative Bangkok, Thailand; TEDxLille, Creative Mornings, Montreal; Créa-France; Mindcamp Canada, Mindcamp Chile, Mosaic Lille, Creative Melbourne and CREA -Sestri and more.

In 2016, award-winning short documentary Le Ridicule Ne Pas, directed by Nathanaëlle Vincent on his work with Bouffon with Cirque du Soleil and Bouffon de Bellefeuille, is presently touring international film festivals.

This year Massimo Agostinelli has partnered up with Comedy Corps for bookings of his international corporate workshops and presentations.


Massimo is a returning presenter. Click to see what they've presented in the past.

Javiera Correa
Santiago, Chile
I am founder and Executive Director of ComedyCorp, a company focused on transforming people and organizations, using humour as strategy. I work with many international facilitators, experts in different forms of disruptive and humorous methodologies. I'm also a Consultant, Speaker and Coach to develop soft skills: creativity, communication, effective presentations are some of them.

I'm the international agent for Canadian master teacher and creator Massimo Agostinelli.

I'm a business administrator and Coach in Neurolinguistic Programming. I've specialized with international coach Tony Robbins and with the Canadian master improv teacher Keith Johnstone.

As a comedy lover and permanent student it's my quest to develop different ways to express humour — improv theater, clown, masks, Bouffon and Stand-Up Comedy.

Humour will save the world.


This is Javiera's first year presenting at Mindcamp.
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