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Mindcamp Choice Session Description

Creative — On Purpose
Essential strategies for going beyond the occasional Aha to true creative power
(Katie Tagye, Dan Bigonesse)
Mind U session
Maximum Participants: 40

What creative choices do you make? How do you show up as a creative individual? Creativity is more than the spark of an idea or an “a-ha” moment. It’s a series of purposeful choices we can make.

In this program, we’ll use Mel Rhodes’s four P’s framework of creativity as the foundation for examining deliberate choices. With an emphasis on who we are as creative individuals, we’ll use the four P structure to explore our creative mindsets, personal approaches to creating, how we determine when we’ve met our creative goals, and the ways in which we design our environments to motivate and sustain our creativity.

Join us in this journey of finding connections between Rhodes’s framework and our different experiences of creativity.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Discover Rhodes’ four P’s of creativity
  • Practice techniques for deliberate creativity
  • Apply new insights on a personal challenge or goal
Katie Tagye
Orlando, FL
Katie Tagye is an engaging facilitator and trainer who brings boundless energy and insight to her work. As Director for the Collaborative Design Center at Valencia College in Orlando, FL, she engages faculty and staff in designing ways to use creative thinking, collaboration, and leadership development to help student's succeed. Much of Katie’s time is spent facilitating groups to uncover real solutions.

Her unique combination of skills –– creative problem solving, systems thinking, communication, and organizational development –– makes her an invaluable resource for each project she leads. In addition to her work at Valencia, Katie facilitates creative problem solving and collaboration sessions throughout North America and Europe including presentations on deliberate creativity and collaboration at Florida Creativity Conference, Creative Problem Solving Institute, Mindcamp Canada, and CREA Conference in Europe.

Katie is a returning presenter.

Dan Bigonesse
Ottawa, ON
As a trainer and facilitator, Dan has spent the last twenty-five years helping people expand their thinking to discover new possibilities. With his quick wit, probing questioning skills and productive thinking techniques, Dan helps clients engage their whole brain, and find solutions to their challenges. Whether facilitating a training workshop, a new product ideation, a strategic planning session, or just a plain old meeting, Dan brings his positive energy and focus to the task. He is known for delivering high content sessions in a relaxed and entertaining style. Underlying Dan's passion for deliberate thinking is a deep commitment to helping people learn and achieve useful outcomes. Dan is a past trustee of the Creative Education Foundation and on the faculty of the Creative Problem Solving Institute. He is also a certified practitioner of the Facet5 Personality Profile, the FourSight Thinking Profile, and NeuroColor, a unique, neuroscience approach to personality assessment.

Dan is a returning presenter.

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