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Mindcamp Choice Session Description

Say something proverb-worthy!

(Michel Neray)
60 minutes

How would you like to have poster with a clever, meaningful, and inspiring quote by you!? It could be shared around the world, inspiring millions or billions with your unique wisdom. In this session, I’ll help you drill down to the essence of your philosophy on a topic that’s important to you, and then run you through a number of headline techniques so you can come up with a really good quotable quote. We’ll pick the top 5 and I’ll get my designer to design the poster for you, complete with your name on it!

How cool is that!?

For examples of inspiring quotes and posters, Google ‘inspirational quotes’ or click here.

Michel Neray
Toronto, ON
I am the founder of the momondays! What really jazzes me is helping people craft and perform ‘purposeful’ stories to become more effective leaders, salespeople, and influencers of all types. As a professional speaker, trainer and and advertising copywriter, I've worked with individuals and teams in more than 8 countries to help them get better results. What I've discovered is that, it's when it gets personal that it becomes really powerful. And sometimes, all you need is a great, catchy headline!

Michel is a returning presenter.

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