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Mindcamp Choice Session Description

Claim your voice, own your choice

(Ann-Marie Kong)
60 minutes

We have unique stories. Oftentimes, we tell ourselves stories that are shaped by our conditioning which is no longer serving us, and we are having to let go of these stories and author new stories to embrace the authentic part of ourselves.

In this interactive session, we will explore your stories and look at them from different perspectives, reframe them to see the possibilities and choose what you author going forward.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Come away with different perspectives
  • Reframe your story to see its gifts and opportunities
  • Choose what you want to take back into your world
Ann-Marie Kong
Waterloo, ON
Ann-Marie Kong serves as a leadership transformation coach, Co-active Agile coach, facilitator, mentor, creative catalyst, avid learner, and community grower with Transforming Leaders.

She empowers leaders to transform to their next level of greatness to be who they truly are and get what they want, and she empowers teams to be awesome in co-creating and delivering value early and often by growing synergistic partnerships and applying Agile approaches to achieve business outcomes. She is passionate about enabling leaders to transform to be 21st leaders.

She presented previously at Gatineau Ottawa Agile Tour, Mindcamp, Waterloo Agile Lean P2P and Women In Security. She is a co-organizer for Agile Coach Camp Canada and Play4Agile North America.

Ann-Marie is a returning presenter.

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