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Your Brain on Neuroscience
Science-based strategies to optimize your brain and the brains around you
(Marc Hurwitz)
Mind U session

What can I do to make myself smarter?
How might I multitask better?
Can I utilize more of my brain?
How can I help my stakeholders make better decisions?
How can neuroscience improve creativity?

People are endlessly fascinated with what brain science can do for them. Rightly so. Your brain is a 3-pound powerhouse with outsized impact and upsized potential. Your remarkable brain is responsible for controlling your actions, reactions, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings — essentially all the things we think of as human. However, as the field of neuroscience has exploded, it has become more difficult to interpret this information and make it useful in our daily work environments.

This program is uniquely pracademic: deeply rooted in science and made practical with memorable, principle-based approaches, and lots of real-world tips that you can use straight away. Learn how to optimize your brain and the brains around you.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Learn how you can make change happen by honoring how the brain works
  • Learn how you can generate better creative thinking and problem solving
  • Start working smarter, not harder!
Marc Hurwitz
Kitchener, ON
Dr. Marc Hurwitz is co-author of Leadership Is Half The Story, co-founder of FliP University, FliPing leadership on its head with innovative professional development.

He grew up as he says, “surrounded by rats in cages, bearded academics, strong female role models and psychedelic iconography,” as the son of parents who were hippies and PhD psychologists. Though he dreamed of being a theoretical physicist or one of the Beatles, his path in life keeps pulling him back to his love of learning and teaching.

Marc has Masters degrees in math and physics, an MBA, and a PhD in neuroscience. He teaches entrepreneurship, leadership and followership at the University of Waterloo, acts and directs community theatre, is a poet and an avid pinball player.

This is his umpteenth time at Mind Camp. Yay! And his first virtual one. Yay plus!

Marc is a returning presenter.

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