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Mindcamp Choice Session Description

Full Body Creativity
Access the intelligence of your entire being through Biodanza
(Sophie Harvey)
Mind U session

How do you make significant choices in your life? Do you mainly rely on conceptual analysis? Prefer to go with your gut? Or maybe confidently follow your heart? Whichever your preference, if you consider only one aspect of your intelligence, you may be missing information that can make a huge difference in the coherence — and wisdom — of your decisions.

Biodanza is a powerful, proven process for stimulating vital energy, to improve integration between mind and body and to rehabilitate a natural instinctive expression of life towards more centred and accurate choices. Biodanza is, in essence, a set of joyful, liberating "exercises in movement" to a variety of carefully chosen music.

In this highly experiential program you will be invited to experiment with Biodanza to enhance your awareness of sensations, movement and connection, which are the basis of life. This can create the conditions necessary to access your full intelligence — mind, heart and body — and help your choices emerge organically with the sense of natural and wholeness that comes with it.

And it is absolutely not necessary to know how to dance!

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Harmonize thinking, feeling and doing
  • Awaken the pleasure of moving and stimulate joy
  • Vitalize non-verbal communication and expression
Sophie Harvey
Montreal, QC
Formerly an engineer, Sophie Harvey converted to coaching about ten years ago. She accompanies her clients to discover themselves and to blossom in their mission. In particular, she works with independent workers and artists. She is a Biodanza facilitator and uses in her practice a somatic and creative approach. She facilitates workshops at creativity events such as Mindcamp Canada and Mindcamp Chile.

Sophie is a returning presenter.

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