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Mindcamp Choice Session Description

Geometry in Art

(Kevin Byron)
60 minutes

Pure geometry exists in the imagination only. Its real-world application — through science and art – however, made an immeasurably huge contribution to human cultural evolution. In art, geometry is a master storyteller, and this non-specialist presentation will trace a historical and multicultural outline of geometry in art, from the cave wall to the modern exhibition.

If you have ever aspired to create Celtic knot-work and Islamic geometrical designs, this will provide a flying start. If you have ever wondered what curved space looks like, and how relativity and quantum physics influenced abstract art — here you will find out! There will also be a mystical-free exploration of ‘The Golden Ratio’ and Fibonacci series, but an equally mysterious exploration of communication through geometrical symbols!

The presentation will be highly interactive - with your imagination as silent facilitator. So why not circle the square of your screen, and be entertained with pure geometry!

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Learn how to create Celtic knot-work and Islamic geometrical designs
  • Take-away thoughts on the inter-connectivity of creativity in art and science
  • Discover a new way of looking at modern abstract art
Kevin Byron
London, UK
Kevin Byron received his Ph.D. in LASER Physics from the University of Hull, and pursued a career in commercial research in photonics for some twenty five years. During this time he was an honorary visiting lecturer at the Universities of Glasgow and Salford, and elected to Fellowship of the Institute of Physics. Whilst working in industry he developed a growing interest in education, and creative skills, and the award of a NESTA fellowship in 2002 enabled him to pursue these interests full time.

He is currently an independent research skills developer for a number of higher education institutions and industries in the UK and Europe, and is a guest lecturer at Leeds University and City University, London.

He is widely published on his earlier research interests, and more recently on innovation and creativity, and has presented his work in these fields at a number of international conferences.

Kevin is a returning presenter.

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