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Mindcamp Choice Session Description

Spicing Up the Distance

(Alessia Berti, Joe Gammal)
45 minutes

How can you live a connected experience when you are Zooming from different worlds? How can you stay in the "here & now” with another when you can only be in the "here & there”?

In this session we will use the concept of synesthesia to create new sensory and imaginative connections. We will travel like ancient merchants along the Silk Road, choosing and trading spices to get spicy insights.

Where will our imaginations take us? What new roads will open up for us?

Creatively connect our 5 senses, experimenting new ways to be close. Challenge each other with your sense of smell to evoke images, experiences and memories. Let’s play together!

Important: Participants are invited to have nearby a selection of common spices and/or culinary herbs.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Explore the power of smell as a connection builder
  • Use one sense to evoke the others
  • Experiment with play in a distance context
Alessia Berti
Milan, Italy
Alessia Berti. Once upon a time a curious mind, graduated in History of Art and trained in HR Management, moved from Milan to London to find her life and career purpose. There she worked in the fashion industry as an HR Manager and Organizational Coach and started hearing about a funny thing called Creativity.

In 2012 she felt it was time to return home. Before touching base in Milan she stopped in Sestri Levante to take part in her first CREA Conference. Here she had a triple epiphany: fell in love with Creativity and Facilitation, found her purpose, and understood that work could be synonymous with real fun and true friendship. That year with a contribution from the Milan Chamber of Commerce she launched Yellow Sound, a metamorphic creative hub equipped with a recording studio in the center of Milan.

Today she stays curious and works with love as an HR consultant, coach and Creative Problem Solving facilitator. She also nurtures her mind and body through the beautiful discipline of Hara Yoga.

Alessia is a returning presenter.

Joe Gammal
Hopkinton, MA
Joe Gammal is Managing Partner of Synecticsworld. Joe is delighted to be back at Mindcamp this year, even if only virtually! His work and passion are at the center of human potential -- working with leaders to build innovative organizations that create growth and meaningful change.

Joe is a sought-after innovation coach, facilitator, and trainer helping leaders and their teams to invent and incubate breakthrough solutions to key business challenges, and embed capabilities and organizational support for a more innovative culture to take root.

Prior to his work with Synecticsworld, Joe held executive and product marketing positions helping to start and grow new businesses, teams, products, and brands (Apple, Hasbro, Livetoy Networks, Arthur D. Little, IBM).

Joe is a returning presenter.

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