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Mindcamp Choice Session Description

Human Centered Facilitation
An exploration to open hearts and minds
(Lisa Baxter, Susannah Childers)
60 minutes

Great art disrupts the status quo by offering an alternative perspective. Great artists see the world through their own lens rather than those of others. Great facilitation can also disrupt the status quo.

Now more than ever facilitation may benefit from a shift in perspective and a view through a new lens. We have choices to make because what we do is not art, but design ... informed by an impressive cannon of methods, frameworks, canvasses, bound up in accepted mental models, created to serve the needs of the client, and disguised as great participant experiences such as collaboration, and co-creation.

Are we in danger of becoming too process-centric and client-oriented at the expense of participant experience? How do the facilitation choices we make reflect our intentions for our work?

At a time when the ‘change-capital’ creative facilitation generates is needed, we must re-examine our reliance on proven activities and structures, and explore the potential of human-centered design in our processes to ignite change and yield astounding results.

Our exploratory, dialogue-based session invites you to examine your mental models of facilitation and what this means.

What you will do in this session:
Reflect on questions to inspire facilitation that enhances meaningful human connection:
  • Might your habitual ways of working inhibit your own creative potential?
  • How might you address these to ignite your creative practice?
  • What is your intention for participants, and how does this affect workshop design?
  • Might a more human-centered approach to workshop design generate the mother of all ‘win-wins’ for all concerned?
  • How might a shift from process-centric to human-centric design impact the choices you make?

Lisa Baxter
Halifax, UK
Lisa Baxter is a UK based process-designer, facilitator, researcher and member of the Royal Society of Arts, specializing in the arts and cultural sector. All her work is predicated on empathically designing transformative moments of insight, personally and collectively, that can ignite positive change. As a relative newcomer to this creative-facilitation lark, she has been struck by the tsunami of models and frameworks flooding the market in recent years, and increasingly so with the COVID-induced pivot to on-line facilitation. She is interested in exploring how her work in developing performing artists’ audience sensibility might relate to creative facilitation through the application of human-centered design.

Lisa is a returning presenter.

Susannah Childers
Cary, NC
Susannah Childers is the Founder and Creator of Possibility for her company Ah Ha! She designs and facilitates Organizational Learning, Strategic Planning & Innovation. Susannah is a life-long learner, continuously seeking new adventures through experiences (like travel) and knowledge (ideas). She easily meets people on their path and uses her empathic approach to think together with them and create foundations for future possibilities.

Susannah is an international speaker on the topics of insight, leadership, and innovation, recently presenting at the Creative Problem Solving Institute (Buffalo, NY), Mindcamp Canada in Toronto and the African Creativity Conference in South Africa. She lives in North Carolina with her husband Wayne and two adult daughters who are in and out while they study (Zoom University anyone) and teach High School students to sing all while online.

Susannah is a returning presenter.

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