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Mindcamp Choice Session Description

The Art, Science, and Human Comedy of Choosing Collaboration

(Michelle Auerbach, Allan Cole)
60 minutes

Collaboration happens all the time. While it can go well, it often goes amusingly or horrifyingly poorly even with people we love. Raise the stakes? It can get worse. However, when we put our attention on change and growth, the collaboration factor can amplify everything.

If you work closely with someone — bring them. If that person is your partner in business, life, or a project, all the better. We are the culture makers, we are the system holders, and we are the creative force in the universe. Why wouldn’t you want to be all that and a bag of chips together?

Venture into a world of collaboration where we will work together to:

  • Figure out what collaboration archetype is yours
  • Learn Emergent Strategy methods for nurturing shared goals
  • Laugh with kindness at the lesser angels of your nature
Michelle Auerbach
Boulder, CO
Michelle Auerbach loves to be the behind the scenes person in a collaboration. Michelle helps organizations and communities solve problems and create change through story across diverse contexts. She works with businesses on change management, leadership, and creativity through story. She works with communities on creating social good, connection and working across difference through story. She coaches and teaches individuals through workshops, trainings, and one-on-one explorations. She facilitates groups to around creativity, storytelling, change, and justice.

She is never happier than when the group is buzzing and she is watching. Her latest books is called Resilience: The Life Saving Skill of Story which in itself is a collaboration with story makers and world changers from across the globe. She collaborates with Allan on facilitating change and justice and on a podcast called The Thurman Conversations and in that collaboration, has only totally lost her @#$% one time (so far).

Michelle is a returning presenter.

Allan Cole
Boulder, CO
Allan Cole is the guy up front, telling it like it is. He is a master of the teach, preach, and inspire mode of working with groups.

Allan grew up in the southern part of the US, steeped in a culture of storytelling. He studied Economics in college and parleyed that degree into a career as an entrepreneur, business owner, and a residential and commercial manufacturer. Allan left all that to go to seminary to become an Episcopal priest.

Allan is a returning presenter.

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