Mindcamp on a Budget

Money tight? On a budget? Or are you a freelancer who can’t predict your income one month to the next, let alone several months in advance? Interested in coming to Mindcamp but just not sure you can commit?

Have we got an idea for you!

Consider applying for our Mindcamp Creative Instalment Plan. This plan is available to people who are concerned that Mindcamp may be out of their reach financially. Here’s how it works:

Step one: apply now
Step two: start paying small instalments of $160 (or less) per month between now and June 15
Step three: On June 15, make your Mindcamp decision

If you decide “yes”, you will have already saved several hundred dollars toward your registration.

If you decide “no”, we will refund ALL of the money you’ve put toward your registration… no $50 cancellation fee! You don’t lose a penny.

What are you waiting for? To apply, fill out this form!