Attention Wonderful Amazing Presenters!


  1. We can post downloadable PDF Session Handouts, but if you MUST have paper handouts at Mindcamp, photocopy and bring them yourself
  2. We provide Projectors, but bring the right connector for your Laptop
  3. WiFi is slow, try not to count on it
  4. We have a Book Table where you can sell your stuff


We will not photocopy your handouts for you — if you must have paper handouts, bring your own. But we’d rather you didn’t, except where absolutely necessary. 

“In what ways might I make my session paperless? Or at least less paperful?” Here’s one possibility: Email us a PDF file that participants can download for themselves. We’ll put it on our server and give you the link. They can even download it while they’re at your session. Other ideas:

  • If people are filling out a worksheet, project questions onto a screen and have them write in their notebooks. 
  • If there is a reference sheet they will need to use for an exercise, write it up on flipchart paper and stick it to the wall. 


If you want to run a slideshow or use a projector, bring your OWN laptop (unless you have specifically arranged with us to borrow one). We will provide projector, screen, and cable. The end of the projector cable has a plug that fits into either a VGA hole, or an HDMI hole.

If you’re a Mac user, you will need an adaptor to match this cable to your laptop: if you don’t already have one please buy one ($30), test it, and bring it. Either of the ones pictured here will do it, but if in doubt, please hit up your local Apple genius for guidance.


Some of you have requested that WiFi be available for your session. Well, we’ll put you in a room where it should be… But WiFi at Geneva Park is slow at best and unavailable when being rushed by a bunch of Mindcamp participants. Our advice:

Plan for a slow connection, dropouts, and even the WiFi going down altogether during your session.


We ask you to refrain from any commercial promotion during your session….the last thing participants want is a program that’s an ad for someone’s products or services. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the opportunity to let people know what you do, or to offer your products outside of your session.

If you have books or other material of interest to Mindcampers, please bring them. We’ll provide a table where you can offer them for sale. We do not “staff” the table, but rather work on the honor system: You display your stuff, indicate your price, and ask people to leave their $$$ in envelopes that we provide. But feel free to staff the table yourself if you’d prefer to watch over your inventory.

If you need to pre-ship books (or anything else) here’s the address:
YMCA Geneva Park
RR 6, 6604 Rama Road,
Orillia, ON Canada L3V 6H6

(Note this is the YMCA’s address. You definitely need to put “Re: Mindcamp” on the package.)