YMCA Geneva Park

Mindcamp will take place at the YMCA Geneva Park Conference Centre, 138 kilometers (86 miles) north of Toronto Pearson International Airport. Here’s their address:

YMCA Geneva Park Conference Centre, RR#6, 6604 Rama Road, Orillia, ON L3V 6H6

Geneva Park is on its own peninsula in Lake Couchiching, the “little sister” lake of Lake Simcoe, across the lake from Orillia, Ontario.

This region is traditionally territory of the Chippewas of Rama First Nations people, who call this area “the gathering place”, where travellers rested before continuing on their journey, and where great meetings were held and important agreements signed. Today the band has 1,500 members in the area, with their own school, seniors’ centre, community centre, and many community services such as fire and police.

2012 was our first year at this location. In November 2011 we toured the site, and made a video showing the shared spaces, program rooms, and accommodation (and some cool music to go with it — thanks to Mindcamper Mario Allende for permission to use the track from his band’s CD).


Not 100% Handicapped Accessible

The site is not designed to be 100% accessible to people who are mobility impaired / handicapped. However much, as always, depends on the level of impairment. Here are the salient points:

  • There are no elevators anywhere on the site.
  • About half the accommodation rooms are on the second floor, so if a ground-floor room is required you need to let us know.
  • Most of the sessions take place in ground floor rooms, but the site is very spread out, so to get from one session to another can be a 10-minute walk for someone with average mobility (the interval between sessions is 30 minutes).
  • One session room is up a flight of stairs, however it’s a room we rarely use. Another session room requires four steps up to get into the room. Some sessions are outside on a lawn, or even go into the woods.

In sum, a mobility-impaired participant will not be able to participate as fully as an unimpaired participant, but in the past several mobility-impaired participants have been able to cope with Mindcamp by planning their day to accommodate their pace.

Photos of the Site

Also, here are some photos. Click a pic to enlarge, use your browser’s back button to get back here.

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  1. Okay, now that I see the proposed accomodations, I might want to change my answers to my survey — it certainly doesn’t look too corporate and it looks like it retains the charm of Mindcamp!

  2. Wow! Our Mindcamp X survey has produced a remarkable response rate so far. Thanks so much to all of you who took the time to do this. Your thoughts and comments will have a direct effect on Mindcamp X.

    Feel free to comment on this page as well. We’d love to know what you think of this little glimpse of what Geneva Park has to offer.


  3. Rustic….Tranquil…..Introspective inducing…..yet it retains the tacky elegance, warmth, and grace of Cedar Glen!
    Perhaps Kara Kucha under the stars?
    Sign me up!!!

  4. I am very intrigued by this locale….great for those walk in the woods to stir the creative juices.

  5. Love it. Looks so ‘characteristically Canadian!’ and a way to ‘get away’ and be creative under the stars.

    Would feel so much more like a weekend away and the chance to unwind and connect with the creativity community!

    PS – Maybe a closer jaunt for Joe M to gather rocks for his labyrinth! LOL
    See y’all next year!

  6. yep..the water DOES look pretty soothing! So maybe this would be a nice location. Wi-fi is nice too.

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