What’s Included

  • Single or shared accommodation from Wednesday to Sunday (unless you select offsite)
  • Meals and snacks
  • All programs: as many sessions as you want to attend
  • Available YMCA activities (e.g., kayak, canoeing, windsurfing)
  • 13% sales tax (HST)

There are only a limited number of single rooms available, but if you’d like to share and don’t have a roommate coming with you, we can find one for you.

All prices are in Canadian $$. US equivalent is about 76%.

Corporate (your company is paying)$1,747$1,320
Individual (you're paying)$1,425$1,077
Youth (age 6-17)n/a$645
Offsite (no accommodation)$710

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The rooms are clean and comfortable. Linens and towels are provided. Participants can choose from shared (double) or single accommodation. The property has WiFi, but it’s slow.

Regular Rooms

Regular rooms are very comfortable, fitted out like a moderately priced hotel. Some have twin beds, some have a queen bed. Some even have a double and a twin, with the option of a cot for a child. Most of the rooms have a beautiful view of the lake (first come, first served!). All the regular rooms have three-piece washrooms, closets, and shelves for your stuff.

Budget Rooms: “Lee”

The Lee rooms are very small and very rustic. There is just a sink and two narrow single beds. There is no toilet or shower in the building, shared toilets and showers are located in a separate building 20-30 yards away.

Camping? Sorry, no.

The YMCA does not allow camping onsite at Geneva Park. You can find a campsite nearby, but the difference between the offsite price and the budget price is minimal, so camping is not likely to save you any money.