Centennial Centre

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Centennial Centre is where you will first register when you arrive. Below is the layout of the program areas in Centennial Centre. The diagram is not to scale.

Below that is a gallery of photos taken in some of these rooms. Click on the images to see full sized versions.

Centennial Centre rooms all have WiFi. They include:

  • YMCA Offices
  • Tuck Shop
  • Auditorium: capacity 200
  • Room 15: capacity 84*
  • Room 13: capacity 12* with the possibility of breakout into Room 15 Lounge
  • Room 8: capacity 12*
  • A bunch of other rooms we’re not using

* Capacities given for people seated around worktables (i.e., not theatre-style).

Centennial Centre

Room 15

Room 15 Lounge