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It’s Here! Mindcamp Choice

We’re super excited to announce that Mindcamp Choice — a virtual incarnation of 24 annual Mindcamps over the years — is here!

Mindcamp Choice will present over 100 hours of programming delivered by some of the best creative thinkers and practical problem solvers in the world. They come from the US, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, and South Africa.

A few things you should know:

  • Mindcamp Choice will offer over 100 hours of online programming September 25–27.
  • Programs consist of core programs called Mind U’s. There are 11 of these and each offers 6.5 hours of experiential learning and connecting.
  • We also have a series of 60-minute, 45-minute, and 30-minute programs
  • And there’s a Hub for meeting other Mindcampers, salons, dancing, surprise sessions, and in-depth discussions about the programs people have attended.

You can check out all of the currently posted programs here. Meanwhile here’s a quick rundown of what’s on offer.

11 Mind U Programs

Our deep-dive Mind U programs are the core of Mindcamp Choice. Each offers 4.5 hours of interactive learning plus two additional follow-up ‘office hour’ sessions for personal interaction with the presenters, 6.5 hours in all for each Mind U. Here’s a top-line tour of this year’s Mind U’s over three spectacular days:

Creative — On Purpose by Katie Tagye and Dan Bigonesse
Essential strategies for going beyond occasional Aha’s to true creative power.

Your Brain on Neuroscience by Dr. Marc Hurwitz
Science-based strategies to optimize your brain and the brains around you.

The Accidental Educator by Ismet Mamnoon and Cyndi Burnett
How to design creative classrooms — virtual, at home, or in the schoolhouse.

Authentic Climate Warriorship by Megan Mitchell and Patrick Trombetta
Techniques to harness the special synergy of identifying your signature strengths and enhancing them through mindfulness practices.

Connection Before Solution by Henry Wai
A hands-on tour of The Nonviolent Communication™ process, including practical tools for empowering relationships at work, home, and community.

Flame Your Passion by Shilbee Kim
Ignite your personal and professional passions — then discover how to put them to work with this modern incarnation of the ancient Japanese framework of Ikigai.

The Quest by Matteo Catullo and Tim Hurson
A personalized hero’s journey through a landscape of possibilities — an odyssey of challenges and choices. Expect the unexpected.

Full Body Creativity by Sophie Harvey
Access the intelligence of your entire being through Biodanza.

Radical Self-Expression by Negin Sairafi
Discover how your creativity can offer you a path to liberation.

Creating Contemplative Connections by Mary Ellyn Vicksta
A Zen photo experience that offers you tools, skills, and a new way of seeing the world to create stunning visual photo art — with your iPhone.

…and a river runs through it by Russell Thomas
In this session you will learn and practice techniques to transform the creativity already inside you into a profound work of art. Surprise yourself!

And more!

  • 60 minute workshops — specially curated interactive experiences
  • 45 minute sessions — quick hits to inspire and delight you
  • 30 minute moments — prime tips on how you can think and act more creatively in a flash
  • And even more: morning creative jolts, Kaleidoscope sessions, dance, yoga, sound bath, and…?
Session List  |   Find a Random Session